Our Services

We’ll map it.

Our mapping expertise is unparalleled. Using advanced drone technology, we create precise and detailed maps for various applications. Whether it’s for power companies, land development, or any industry, we deliver high-resolution, georeferenced maps. Our photogrammetry skills ensure accuracy, enabling informed decision-making. Choose us for top-tier mapping solutions in Lansing, Michigan, and beyond.

We’ll fly it.

In FPV flying, we excel. With skilled pilots and cutting-edge technology, we deliver thrilling aerial experiences. Whether it’s for personal excitement or dynamic shots, choose us for unparalleled FPV adventures in Lansing, Michigan, and beyond.

We’ll model it.

In 3D modeling, we excel. With advanced technology and a creative touch, we produce stunning 3D models. Whether it’s for architectural design, product development, or immersive experiences, choose us for top-tier 3D modeling in Lansing, Michigan, and beyond.

We’ll help you sell it.

In real estate sales, we shine. With a deep understanding of the market and a commitment to your goals, we provide exceptional real estate services. Whether you’re buying or selling residential, commercial, or investment properties, choose us for a successful real estate journey in Lansing, Michigan, and beyond.

Close-up of dried, cracked earth.

We’ll help you build it.

In development building, we excel. With seasoned expertise and innovative techniques, we deliver exceptional construction services. Whether it’s for residential, commercial, or industrial projects, choose us for top-tier development building in Lansing, Michigan, and beyond.

Elevate your vision,
AMP it.